Why choose us?

Pay By Card

All our carpet cleaning technicians carry secure card machines.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Full liability & risk insured on items we clean to fully protect you and your property.

Trained Professionals

We invest in our technicians so they are fully trained in stain removal, steam cleaning, deep cleaning, and stain protection.

Superior Cleaning

Our AIRFLEX STORM machines combine the latest technology with eco-friendly solutions to leave your carpets, rugs & upholstery smelling clean & safe for kids and pets.


Poole Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning consultants use top of the range Airflex Storm devices. We only use  eco-friendly products which are safe for both children and pets. You can book a local consultant over the phone on 01202 001000

Poole Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service is guaranteed to leave you extremely satisfied.

Our expert carpet cleaning service means you benefit from:


  • Exceptionally clean carpets that smell and look fresh
  • Affordable prices with no hidden charges
  • Support from a reliable, honest and friendly team
  • A top-rated, hassle-free service that our customers love

Simply  email or call our team to discuss your requirements and they will book a suitable date and time for one of our consultants to visit your home. Depending on your location, one of our trained professionals could be with you in just 48 hours!

We employ a network of consultants across the South of England which enables us to provide carpet cleaning services at competitive prices in Poole and the surrounding areas. Check out our carpet cleaning prices - that come with no hidden charges!


Our Equipment

The Airflex Storm

The Airflex Storm is an incredibly powerful 800psi extractor manufactured in the UK that is capable of running over 200ft of hoses to help clean carpets quickly and to a high standard. A top-of-the-range machine, the Airflex can be operated directly from a van whilst still giving exceptionally fast cleaning and drying.

Fitted with a powerful cleaning pump, this extractor is ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors as fewer passes of the wand are required, with the pressure of the water doing all the work for you.

Not only does it deep clean in half the time of a standard twin vac machine, it dries quicker too. A strong vacuum motor system allows the wand to be moved quickly across the surface, extracting dirt and moisture more efficiently and with fewer passes - even when over 200ft away.